Cooper power systems 

Cooper Power Systems - a division of Cooper Industries - is a leading manufacturer of medium and high voltage electrical equipment, components, and systems that help bring electric power to homes, industries, businesses and institutions throughout the world. Used in substations, overhead, underground, and in-plant medium voltage distribution systems, our products include transformers, capacitors, voltage regulators, reclosers, sectionalizers, distribution switchgear, transformer fluids (such as Envriotemp FR3), and protective equipment. 



Powell industries

Switchgear solutions to 38 kV and 5000 amps in both standard and arc resistant designs for indoor and outdoor applications. Complete Power Control Rooms (PCR). PowlVac and Power/Vac breaker replacements and retrofits. System integration and Power automation solutions available plus complete field modification and repair services.


Olsun Electrics Corporation 

Olsun Electrics was established in 1950 in Richmond Illinois and initially concentrated on serving OEM accounts such as Allen-Bradley, Telemachanique, Square D, and others. Since the 1960s, Olsun has emerged as an independent manufacturer of high-quality power and distribution dry type Transformers, manufacturing transformers thru 88,000 volts and 10,000kVA. Olsun has the unique ability to produce not only standard units but also to design and build highly customized units such as replacement core and coil assemblies, harmonic mitigating transformers, KFactor transformers, and many others. All units are built to exceed NEMA, ANSI, IEEE, and UL/CSA standards.



SolidState Controls Inc. (Division of Ametek) 

Solidstate Controls is in the business of providing continuity of electrical power to keep businesses up and running. Solidstate is focused on serving industrial process and power generating clients with uninterruptible power supply systems and battery chargers. SolidState Controls designs both ferroresenant transformers and PWM type inverters to meet the stringent demands of industrial clients who require the most reliable UPS systems. Solidstate Controls UPS and battery backup systems meet or exceed all provisions of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Standards 10CFR50, Appendix B and ANSI Standard N45.2 as well as UL, CUL, IEC, NEMA, IEEE, ANSI, and NEC.



Gilbert Electrical Systems and Products

Gilbert Electrical Systems draws on years of application engineering knowledge to design and manufacture custom and competitively priced packages. Projects and equipment include turnkey industrial packages, metal-enclosed assemblies, capacitor assemblies, primary switchgear, harmonic filter applications, and harmonic/power factor coordination studies.



post glover resistors

Since manufacturing and patenting the first non-breakable stamped grid power resistor in 1935, Post Glover has become the largest independent manufacturer of power resistors in the world. Whether it be dynamic banking resistors, neutral grounding resistors, high resistance grounding systems, load banks or harmonic filtering, Post Glover can manufacture a solution to meet your need.



Gentec Energy management

Gentec designs, produces and markets customer solutions that exceed industry requirements such as low voltage power factor correction capacitors, fixed and automatic capacitor banks, and harmonic filtering banks up to 4,160 volts.




An ISO 9001 certified company, Technibus offers the best metal enclosed bus duct solutions in the world. UL and CSA listed, Technibus fabricates segregated and no-segregated phase custom bus duct systems in its 180,000 square foot facility. 



Total protection solutions by joslyn 

Total Protection Solutions is an innovative family of surge protection products, merging 50 years of power protection field experience with Joslyn, the leading manufacturer in the surge suppression industry. TPS is your answer to total protection from harmful transients and other electrical disturbances that could destroy equipment and cause downtime to your systems. Among our areas of expertise are process controls, wastewater treatment plants, and industrial facilities.